Your Narrative; created in 2017 for athletes, go-getters, the everyday grinders.  Athletes perform 24/7, with a ball in hand or not.  On or off the pitch, coaching, playing, living… we bring our A game with commitment AND style.  Being females we have so many expected standards.  As female athletes, we have so many abilities to break these barriers.  The sky is the limit as entrepreneurial athletes. 

YN creates garments for those who like to look good and feel good.  We sell clothing and break standards.  From our unique garments, to our ‘uni-sizing’, we beat all odds.  From training to an evening out, slip into one of our garments and feel satisfied yet comfortable.  No one should have to look like anyone or be anyone other than themselves.  Our garments are geared towards those who don’t want to dress the conventional way, but for those who want to dress based on their own narrative.  

Your Narrative was created to express individual stories through similar garments.  From two best friends with similar lifestyles but different clothing styles, derives high heels to tennis shoes. 

Let’s set goals together and achieve them, let’s build awareness to those around us, like us.  We have been inspired to create everlasting stories through individual emotions and expressions through apparel. Individuals have the ability to create their own (YOUR) style, while representing our garments and aiding in our story (Narrative). 

YN is a lifestyle, a story, a way of living.